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Tips for a Successful Long-Term Relationship

What makes a relationship a happy one? And what makes it last? If you’re wondering what the key to a successful, long-lasting relationship is, below are a few tips to help you get by.

Clear, consistent communication is crucial.

A successful long-term relationship is dependent on healthy communication. Be honest about how you’re feeling, what you want in life and in a relationship, and what you like and dislike. If you communicate all of this with each other, maintaining a long-term relationship will become easy.

Sure, being honest might lead to hurt feelings now and then, but it’ll ultimately avoid more hurt in the long run. In the short term, your significant other might feel hurt, but in the long term, he or she might feel betrayed — he or she might feel like you can no longer be trusted because you’ve been lying for so long (even if it’s about something small).

Additionally, don’t expect your significant other to read your mind or pick up on small hints about how you want him or her to behave. If you were hurt by something your boyfriend said, tell him. Don’t expect him to figure out that you’re upset by small changes in your behavior — he might not get it or even know what he did to upset you, and this will just drag it all out and make you both feel worse.

Happy relationships are made of happy individuals.

There’s a lot that we can take away about love and life from Free Solo. No matter where we are in life or what we’re doing, the answers are always the same: we won’t be able to accomplish our goals or take risks if we don’t train our minds to focus and better handle fear. Whether it’s rock climbing, gaming, or determining our purpose in life, we need to find a way to work through pressure and fear so that we perform at our best in life, work, and in our relationships.

So, what exactly does this mean for your relationship? You need to take care of yourself first. You can’t have a healthy long-term relationship if you’re stressed all of the time, not exercising or eating right, working too much, and generally not feeling good about yourself. You need to figure out what you want in life, and then go after it — push through the fear. If you don’t like your job, don’t settle for that! Figure out what you do want to do and then find a way to make it happen. You’ll feel happier with yourself and ultimately happier in your relationship.

Never stop making an effort with each other.

This is important in both the short term and the long term. For example, just because you got married doesn’t mean you should stop making an effort with each other. Buy your girlfriend flowers, compliment her frequently, make her dinner, help out with the chores, and take an interest in what she’s interested in. This goes for guys, too. Take an interest in his interests, buy him something he enjoys, make him his favorite meal, and spend time with him in a way that’s meaningful. If you hate to go fishing but he loves fishing, go with him now and then. Just don’t be a sore sport about it! Look at the situation positively: Focus on how you’re doing something together that he loves and how happy it makes him.

Making big and small efforts will help your relationship to last and keep the love alive for the long run. Because not long after a relationship has started — it might be months, it might be years — the initial love and infatuation start to fade and reality settles in. That’s where putting in the effort will help keep your relationship going. The effort will show that you’re both invested in each other and are in it for the long haul.

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