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The Common Mistakes In Sending Wedding Invitation And Your Guide To Escape It

A successful event is all about taking the right preparation. Assume that it is your wedding ceremony. For sure, you want to make the event successful, and you will inevitably expect your beloved ones to join you for the event. However, accomplishing that aspiration is not an easy task. You can employ the best Invitation maker to create the best invitation to the event. 

However, the task is not accomplished with such simple efforts. Instead, you take a careful and considerate approach so that you can escape the usual mistakes that the majority of people commit to creating these invitations and sending out the invitation to the invitees. 

Your wedding invitation goes with wrong information

The common mistake that people commit while sending invitations to invitees is that of sending wrong information. For example, they commit mistakes with the date and time or provide inaccurate information about the venue. Likewise, the phone number mentioned on the invitation is wrong. Even a digit in this phone number is wrong; it will surely make a blunder.

Wedding Invitation Mistakes


Besides, the outcome is that you will have to accept the additional expenses for reprint the invitation to fix such issues. Sometimes identifying these errors go so late that you will hardly have the time to rectify the mistakes. 

 A simple trick to escape these mistakes is that you order the design and creation of the invitation well in advance. Subsequently, ask the provider to come up with a hard copy of the draft, even if it is going to produce some additional expenses. 

However, still, it is a good trick to play, as by reprinting the card, you will have to incur much more expense. Most importantly, an invitation that is perfect from all aspects certainly pulls your invitees to attend the event.  

You place an order for wrong numbers

Another mistake that people commonly commit to the invitation is that they order the wrong numbers. On the one hand, they are likely to order more numbers of what they require. On the other hand, they place orders for lesser numbers of cards. 

Either of these instances will force you to incur additional expenses, directly or indirectly, and it will surely hamper the task of sending the invitation to the proposed invitees. As such, this is one mistake that you cannot afford to commit. 

Before the card goes for printing, prepare a considerate list to precisely determine the tentative number of invitees. While ordering an excess number of cards, you end up incurring unwanted expenses. On the other hand, if you order a lesser count of cards, you will require placing a hasty order for the remaining numbers you need.

In such instances, the provider will charge you some additional amount for delivering such hasty orders. You are likely to miss out on some target invitees, while it is usual that some cards will be wasted in the course of sending the invitation. As such, you should prepare a tentative list and order for 5/10 extra pieces. Thus, you can escape the chances of incurring additional expenses.  

Serving excessive information on the card

Don’t make the blunder to overload the card with any information you feel like serving. The more information you serve, the larger will be the dimensions of the card, triggering additional expenses. Likewise, the printer will ask for higher charges, if you order the print for such loads of information. 


Most importantly, overloading the card with the information you trigger the chance for your invitees to miss out on the key information. As such, ensure that you serve only the key information that your guests inevitably need to have.  

The RSVP Date mentioned in the invitation is way back.

Though the invitation must reach target invitees well in advance, it is not that you work with a way back RSVP date. In simple words, it is a blunder to start sending the invitation with months left for the event. It is for the reason that if the RSVP date is way back, it is evident that in between this time, unavoidable instances are likely to come up in the life of your guests. Such instances will compel the person to miss out on your event, even if he/she seriously wants to attend the event. It is the last thing that you will accept to happen to your event. 

So, how should you handle this instance? Ideally, the invitation should be sent to the target invitees, around a month before the event. However, you can certainly inform the target invites before that time, eventually rolling out the invitation around a month left for the event. It will make it easier for your guests to attend the event. Besides, it is a simple yet effective trick to ensure that you get the footfall of the maximum people at the event. 

You decide to send out Save-The-Dates while working on a stringent budget.

It will be a blunder if you decide to send out ‘Save the Date’ when you are working with a stringent budget. No doubt, this is a good trick to play to retain the attention of the invitees. However, this is not the right option to play for those, working with a restricted budget. Hence, if you do so, you will only end up escalating your expenses.  

How to escape this threat? Well, you should not send out the RSVP too early. You will surely need to send out such reminders to ensure that your invitees are attending the event on the scheduled date. 

Trying these tricks, you are going to experience the finest experience, as you get the attendance by the maximum count of guests, making the event all the more exciting and lively. For sure, the memory of such an event will endure in your mind for the years to come. With the YouTube Movie Maker, executing this plan will never take much time and effort. 

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