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Some Tips on How to Prepare for Microsoft MD-101 Exam Using Practice Tests

About Microsoft’s Certifications

For starters, Microsoft offers a plurality of technical field-based certifications. While these credentials are uneasy to achieve due to their specific technical content and serious preparation methods, nevertheless, passing a series of exams can equip you with a world-wide recognized badge.

This way, be advised about the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential and its fruitful exams, MD-100 and MD-101. While reading on the first test, get to know that, essentially, Microsoft certifications are now divided into three categories depending upon the level of expertise and complexity. 

These are Fundamental, Associate, and Expert-level certifications. Keeping this in mind, remember that you can actually get also other existing grades badges such as MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD. 

About Microsoft’s MD-101 Exam: Important Details

So, stands for Modern Desktop, and as the name itself suggests, MD-101 is a certification exam one needs to pass along with MD-100 for Modern Desktop Administrator. MD-101 is a requirement for Microsoft 365 Certified: MD Administrator Associate evaluating candidates’ abilities in deploying, maintaining, and configuring Windows 10 and even non-Windows devices and technologies.

Through this knowledge, discover that candidates for this exam learn to develop, configure, manage, guarantee security, and monitor client applications and devices in a work setting. They also learn to manage identity, updates, policies, and applications. 

Students who passed exam 70-698 before it expired on the 31st of March in 2019, need only to pass MD-101 to get this associate-level badge for Modern Desktop Administrator.

While you also should know that the content of the test was updated on November 22, 2019, and you are well-advised to consult the skills’ paper at the bottom of the exam page and see the changes included. 

About MD-101 Exam: Format, Duration, Cost, Prerequisites, and Content

The test consists of multiple-choices, along with multiple answers. Its passers will be given a total of 150 minutes to ace the exam. The number of questions traditionally varies between 40 to 60. In order to pass the test, you need a total of 700 out of 1000 points. Finally, Microsoft charges a fee of $165 for the exam.

As mentioned, the enriching Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate badge requires two tests to be passed, and the first MD-101 is based on the following exam domains:

  • Managing policies and profiles 
  • Develop and upgrade operating systems
  • Administer and safeguard devices 
  • Administer applications and data 

Useful Tips on How to Prepare for MD-101 Exam

Preparing for any of Microsoft certifications is tough, however, all you need to do is knowing what materials to use and whom to study with. A lot of students learning for Microsoft badges don’t give them enough time or don’t follow the right textbooks, otherwise, they may use invalid or outdated online sources or don’t practice enough. These are just some of the few basic reasons why people fail to achieve their desired certifications. 

This brings us to the necessity to visit and use the most solid and reliable tools like, firstly, vendor-based prep lectures with an instructor like Managing Modern Desktops and Devices, Deploying the Modern Desktop, and Protecting Modern Desktops and Devices that are to be purchased for a decent price for your test success. 

Herewith, in order to prepare for the MD-101 exam efficiently, the first and the most important tip is to practice your acquired skills thoroughly. Accordingly, you will know what sort of questions to expect in the way and prepare for them beforehand.

But the sole training isn’t of much help unless you start practicing with the right questions and answers that might encounter in the test. 

How Can Practice Tests Help You in MD-101 Exam Preparation?

Well, practice tests are files that contain questions rather similar to the items that might appear in the real test. These tests also include answers, and sometimes explanations for you to check your answer. Since practice tests are uploaded by the recent test-passers, they contain questions that may appear in the actual test.

Practicing with these efficient files would give you a better idea of how to address the exam and its questions that would definitely be similar to the ones you have already learned with.

But there is one more thing that you must keep in mind. It stands in the concern that these files may contain outdated questions or questions quite different from exam objectives, so such files can’t be correct or relevant to the exam. Therefore, it is important to make a check and ensure that these are both correct and updated. And one more thing to note is that these files should be used to revise the learned material. 

Exam-Labs for Authentic Practice Tests 

This brings us to the idea of Exam-Labs which is the accurate and reliable source guaranteeing your way through the MD-101 exam. The platform offers numerous upgraded products and services, ranging from training courses to free practice tests, premium practice tests with verified answers.

The content is available in low-price, affordable packages. Like this, the Premium File includes 118 questions with their verified answers for the MD-101 test, and it is available for you to practice for only $14.99. The package is on a 30% discount, which will soon expire, so hurry up!

Bottom Line

Here, Microsoft certifications like the indicated Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate are quite easy to gain if you work hard enough. 

This badge will, thereby, immensely boost your career as a Modern Desktop Administrator and polish the gained skills in configuring, implementing, and securing Windows 10 through taking its first MD-101 exam.

With it, take note of some important tips including studying beforehand and going through all the course content, also with practice tests to bring you victory! 


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