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Red Hat RHCSA Certification and EX200 Exam: Details, Prepaway Supplements and Career Advantages

While the industry continues to demand eminent IT professionals, Red Hat flourishes to build caliber certification holders. Among these are professionals who have accomplished the Red Hat EX200 exam. The exam supports you to earn your credential as a distinguished Systems Administrator. To give you an easy tread along the Red Hat certification trail, here is a detailed discussion of EX200 exam’s nature, preparation materials, and professional benefits.


Since EX200 is a performance-based exam, your hands-on experience is most needed for you to pass. This is unlike other certification exams where you’ll be handed out with multiple choice questions. With what you’ll be dealing here is a tricky sort of real-life tasks that will examine your practical abilities.

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Hence, it is only natural for you to have the exposure in Red Hat systems in order to become fully immersed in the Red Hat certification, with your role as a Senior System Administrator. With all these, you may have the idea that EX200 is really a result-oriented and practical kind of exam.

EX200 Exam Primary Objectives

As covered in the exam, you will need to have your anchor focused on Web Services, Network Interfaces, iSCSI, Samba Configurations, PrepAway along with Kerberized NFS Server. All these areas will be tackled in the exam. You can expect to have it probed into challenging, practical questions.


Aside from the mentioned objectives above, you must furnish yourself with the knack in system-administration, especially in an environment such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Your knowledge in understanding its foundational concepts and tools, operating running systems, managing security, users and groups and configuring local storage is necessary.

EX200 Exam Details

For 2.5 hours, you are expected to accomplish the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam. Throughout the course of your exam, you’ll be presented with about 20 assignments. These are all related to the tasks specified in the exam’s objectives. You must be able to reach a score of 210 in order for you to successfully pass EX200 exam.

For test-taking preferences, you have three choices on offer. If you’ve registered late and failed to get a slot for the classroom-based exams, you can have a monitored computer-based test. However, if you’ve had it on time and a specialized test center is available in your country, you can take the exam directly there. If the two mentioned variants don’t suit you, you can choose the individual-based exam.

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Study Supplements

If you think that the training courses offered by Red Hat are quite expensive, then you can maximize other ways to study. You can always self-study for as long as you’ve chosen the appropriate study materials that will give you the same appropriate training. Remember, EX200 exam dwells more on real-world capabilities, so you must combine all of your on-the-job experience, certification and Red Hat training , as well as the knowledge you gained from the materials you’ve gathered. So, what materials or products should you supplement in your EX200 preparation?

  • Official Red Hat Certification Guide

First of all, you have to access Red Hat’s Official Certification Guide in order to learn the exam’s respective objectives. What’s the use of comprehensive study material if you have no idea what you’re going to study, right? You must first set your intentions using a certification guide from a legible source. Then, you can start to familiarize the topics and straightaway study using your materials. Below are two of the resources you can opt to.

  • Prepaway Website

Prepaway is a reliable online platform, and this is what you need to enhance your preparation process. An updated premium file of 111 questions and answers is just a snippet of what you can utilize from Prepaway. Take its full package and you’ll see an ample stock of materials for EX200 exam. Also, Prepaway has prepared a lengthy study guide of more than 1000 pages and a training course that consists of over 70 lectures. Other than that, you can make use of Prepaway free EX200 questions and answers uploaded by the exam takers.

  • Online Video Courses

If you’ve already utilized the certification guide and practice exams, you can further build on your hands-on training using various video courses around the internet. Some of these may be handed for free while others may require you to spend in order to fully experience its features. Check such websites as PrepAway, ExamCollection, and Exam-Labs to get the actual material created by IT experts for EX200 exam.


It should no longer be a novelty to you that passing this exam comes with a lot of benefits. Though it’s not an instant career change or promotion, you’ll feel a notable improvement in your profession in the long run.

  • Increases value in your resume

A Red Hat logo placed on top of your resume launches your credibility as a promising Senior System Administrator. You have more advantage in getting an interview compared to the next candidate who isn’t Red Hat certified.

  • Known to be a globally-reputed certification

Red Hat is a top-tier provider worldwide. Its certifications are not only distinguished by global companies but more so its certification holders. These credentials are considered to be some of the most credible validations among IT professionals.

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  • Enhances your capabilities in managing the Linux environment

The top benefit waiting to be harvested in your entire EX200 certification exam path is your learning. All of these advantages contribute to polishing you into a more knowledgeable, flexible and capable Linux administrator.


With all these, there’s only one other thing to keep in mind. No amount of difficult exam questions can bury a candidate who is so dedicated in his or her own craft. So, let these lists act as your guide in finishing your EX200 exam with flying colors.

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