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Ramadan : Holy Month as Per Quran

Ramadan is known as the holy month for Muslims and is the 9th month in the Muslim Calendar. Muslims from all around the world fast in order to show respect and gratitude towards the Quran (Holy Book for Muslims).

The month of Ramadan helps a person to connect more to their religion and culture. Fasting during Ramadan also has a lot of health benefits attached to it like Lasting Appetite Reduction, Lower Cholesterol, and weight-loss

For People following the Global calendar, Ramadan is usually in the month of May and June, Dates change every year as it is originally followed by the Muslim Calendar.

However, Ramadan also comes attached with some Values and Virtues that one can Derive from Ramadan.

Top Values You Get to Derive from Ramadan

Ramadan has a lot of values and many benefits that one can derive from it. Let’s have a look at some of the values and virtues to derive from Ramadan. If you are interested in Ramadan Kareem Quotes then you can look around for them after going through this article.

The Sense of Pride:

The idea of Ramadan is so pure and beneficial that many people from different religions and communities are attracted towards it and have also started fasting with their Muslim friends or the people they know. The idea of Ramadan is also proven to be physically and mentally beneficial. So, As a person fasts for his/her religious beliefs, He also attains a lot of mental and physical benefits.

Self-Control and Discipline:

It has been scientifically proven that fasting during Ramadan has a lot of psychological health benefits and It is also noticed by the people fasting during Ramadan that they notice themselves having a sense of discipline and self-control. It is mainly due to the positive vibes that a person experiences while fasting in this holy month and their religious beliefs.

Giving back to the Community:

You might think that why is “donating” a value, derived from Ramadan. Well, People fast for the whole day and get to eat food at night. It makes people realize that how people who are not able to afford food feel when they are hungry. People tend to donate money and food to unprivileged people and charities, as they tend to feel a sense of hunger.

Connection to the Culture:

There are many people who are struggling to keep a connection with their culture as they live in different countries, states or away from their family and friends. But, In the month of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world unite and fast together with a feeling of love and praying for fortune and good health for all the people around them.


Ramadan is a very beautiful festival packed with positive vibes for everybody. It is also a holy and a sacred month for Muslims. The positive vibes, benefits, and values that a person can attain from this holy month are just unexplainable. As Ramadan 2019 is approaching, We would like to wish everyone celebrating Ramadan, “Ramadan Mubarak”.

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