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Indian motivational speakers who are Top 5 best famous

Indian motivational speakers are one of the best source to boot up Indian youth for some higher target or development. Motivation works like nuclear bomb which produce a huge amount of energy in surrounding. In laymen language motivation is nothing, it is simply conversion of some ordinary words into some extraordinary but it help a lot in our day-to-day life. That’s why her we picked up Best Top 10 Indian motivational Speakers who are like moving source of energy. They not only boot up you but also give a strong direction to your life.

As well all know that technical or knowledge can me enhance by any means but attitude of a person can not simply. It requires a lot of efforts and time. Now a days best Indian motivational speakers quotes are one of best way to change negative attitude of person into positive attitude.

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So without wasting time, let us discuss about these Top Indian Motivational speakers. We will also see how they are inspiring Indian youth with their magic words. We will also discuss that how they changed themselves from an ordinary person to extraordinary person. We will also best famous quotes said by these famous Indian motivational speakers.

Famous Indian Motivational speakers

Vijay Batra

Vijay Batra Indian Motivational speakersWhenever there is discuss of Motivational speaker in India then it is not possible that name of Vijay Batra does not come. His name will definitely come in list of Top Indian motivational speakers. He has worked not only in India but also in other developed countries. He has recently co-authored a book “Walk On Sand, Before You Sleep On Silk” with his father Dr. Pramod K. Batra and i think this one of his best book in India. He has said lot of famous motivational quotes and has given many motivational speech at various places in India. You can visit his personal blog VijayBatra and here we are providing you some best famous motivational quotes of Vijay Batra.

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Vijay Batra Famous Latest Quotes

“All the three centers can be made operational in time despite damaged roads and bridges.”


“Some of the stranded passengers from both the sides will cross the Line of Control (LoC) on Monday.”


“We have stopped work on the footbridge after objections from Pakistani soldiers”


“Only three relief points will be opened on November 7 along the Line of Control (LoC).”


“Two militants were shot dead along the Line of Control (LoC).”

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson Indian Motivational speakersPaul Robinson is also in India’s best motivational speaker’s list. He is having brainstorming strategy to inspire youth as well as students. He has already written lot of famous books to inspire or motive people for their work or job. He has also said or written some inspiring Quotes which are liked by lot of people. For more information about Paul Robinson, you can visit his personal blog PaulRobinson.

If you want to listen or want to watch him then please visit his YouTube channel and motivate yourself as well as your friends also. but here we are just introducing you about Indian best motivational speakers and providing you their best motivational quotes. So that you can see how successful they are.

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Paul Robinson Famous Motivational Quotes

“In order to be a successful person one must become a succeeding person. A succeeding person is a person who is pursuing his goals on a consistent basis making progress every single day”


‘If you can do what others can’t and willing to do what others won’t; you can have everything what others can’t and will achieve anything what others won’t”


“Embrace the chaos, because it is the pathway to order. Face your fears and reclaim your courage. Name your purpose and invoke your destiny. Tame your adversity and  pave way to victory. Be silent in the stillness of time and experience serenity.”


“Those who have the thirst will find their drink. Those who are hungry will find food. Those who are tired will find rest. Those who want to succeed will take action.”


“There is no rescue mission for those who do not want to be saved.”

Sandeep Maheswari

Sandeep Maheswari indian motivational speakers

Do you really want to know about Sandeep Maheswari ? I do not think it requires, because most of Indian people knows about his and his working style. He works free for Indian students and youth. He is one of best photographer along with Motivational speaker. Sandeep Maheswari organize seminars at various places of India and you can take entry pass free of cost. If you want to watch his videos then have a look on his YouTube channel and you can also visit his person blog SandeepMaheswari.

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Sandeep Maheswari Inspirational quotes

“Koi bhi aisa kaam jo aap apne pure dil se karna chahte ho, aur us kaam ko kar le, toh woh Success hai aur na kar paye marte dam tak toh woh failure hai!”


“Action without Thinking and thinking without action will give you 100% failure.”


“Are milega bhai, itna milega jitna aap sapne mein bhi nahi soch sakte, pehle khiladi toh bano, apne feild ke pakke khiladi”


“Accha bolo, accha suno, accha dekho”


“Na bhagna hai, na rukna hai… bas chalte rehna hai”


“Paise ki importance utni hai, Jitni ek gaadi mein petrol ki hoti hai, na usse jayda, na usse kam”


“If you have more than you need, simply share it with those who need it the most”

Akash Gautam

Akash Gautam Indian Motivational speakers

Akash Gautam is also got place in top 5 Indian motivational Speakers because of his way to interaction with public. He is one of favorite Inspirational speaker of Indian youth. He is getting lot of invitation from various top colleges in India for motivational speech. For More information about Akash Gautam Indian Motivational speaker, visit his personal blog AkashGautam. You can also interact with him on Facebook and YouTube. Akash Gautam is not only a motivational speaker but also Corporate trainer and Blogger. His aim is to make people happy by interacting them. He delivered important or powerful words to his audience so that they can easily understand the concept of really life and world.

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Shiv Khera

shiv khera Indian Motivational speakers

Shiv Khera, I think his introduction is not required because his one of most famous author as well as Motivational speaker in India. But still i am introducing him for those who do not know about him. Shiv Khera is an India Author of Self help books. His You Can Win books very much famous in all over the world and he has written lot of best books. Shiv Khera had tried in election but lost. For more about Him, you can visit his personal website ShivKhera.

Shiv Khera Motivational Quotes

“If we are not a part of the solution, then we are the problem”.


“It is never the activity of rascals that destroys a society, but always the inactivity of the good people that does it”.


“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”.


“Whenever a person says I cannot do this he is really saying two things. Either I don’t know how to do it or I don’t want to do it”.


“Inspiration is thinking whereas motivation is action”.


“Winners see the gain, losers see the pain”.

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