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How to Write a Great Online Dating Profile (with Quotes)

You are a nice guy who has been using some dating site for a while, but women mostly ignore your messages and don’t make the first move? Look at your profile. Does it have a lot of quality photos? Does your bio clearly describe your personality and intentions? Would you reply to those messages you write to girls if you were them? If you answer negatively, then it’s time to correct all those mistakes.

great online dating profile

While in real life your appearance makes a first impression on women you approach, in the realm of online dating, it’s your profile that seals the deal. A compelling profile is your ticket to finding your perfect match. So, use the following tips provided by to create an awesome dating profile.

Don’t be afraid to spend a good chunk of time filling in your profile

The amount of effort you put into writing your online dating profile will directly influence the number of women willing to meet you. Some guys think that only first messages matter, so they skip the step of writing some information “About Me”. Well, initial messages serve as attention grabbers and dialog openings. However, a rare woman will reply to a guy’s message without checking out his profile first. That’s why never leave your bio section blank.

Give it a structure 

If you’re not limited to the number of characters, it’s not an excuse to write a voluminous essay about your life. There are some aspects of your life your potential dates are definitely interested in. Those are your interests, career, travel experiences, romantic plans, etc. Cover each of these aspects in a separate paragraph to make your bio well-structured and reader-friendly.

Give your bio your own voice

Avoid using trite phrases and some banal wordings. Write from your heart. Women should immediately write to you or reply to your message upon reading your bio. Instead of starting with a formal introduction, write something catchy, like, “Here are some quick and dirty facts about the guy that is looking at you from the screen”.

Mind your language

It goes without saying that your bio should be mistake-free. Apart from proofreading before posting it, you need to make sure that its language is simple and readable. People quickly get bored when they read twisted texts.

Get rid of negativity

Reading your bio, women should feel some vibes of your personality. It’s important to eliminate any kind of negativity from your opus. Focus on your virtues and introduce your flaws as your merits or don’t mention them at all. Make emphasis on what you like rather than what you dislike. Avoid such warnings as “Don’t message me if you’re non-ambitious, not smart, and don’t see the beauty in life”. Write what kind of person you’d be excited to meet.

End your bio with a question

In order to cause potential dates to write to you first, leave some question or suggestion at the end of your bio. For example: “I adore Italy and Italian food. Do you know any good restaurants in Milan?”, or “I’m not a rock star but my guitar is always with me”, or “Looking for someone with itchy feet, a backpack, and open heart”.

Upload your best photos

Writing a successful dating profile is impossible without adding your photos to it. If you write that you’re a cheerful person, women want to see your smiling face. If you write that you’re into sports, your physique should confirm your words. Take your main photo very seriously, as it’s the first thing your potential dates will see. It should be one of your latest shots, as no one wants to fall for your 2010 version and then get totally confused seeing your 2018 edition. Make sure it’s a good-quality photo, your face can be clearly seen in it, and it depicts your true self.


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