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15 Chinese Quotes about Love

Over the thousands of years of history, the Chinese language has been enriched by a huge number of proverbs, idioms, and winged expressions, among which are those that come from the works of art by Chinese writers and poets, and those that come from folklore and folk tales, generally, from the everyday life of ordinary people. For us, in most cases, these expressions and phrases in the translation sound strange and unusual, but for the Chinese, they are indispensable, like air. It is not surprising that they actively use these phrases both in speech and in writing. You have to be very wise, and impressive to date a Portuguese woman. This is why we made a list of 15 Chinese quotes about love.

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Of course, it is almost impossible to derive the meaning of a proverb or a catchword from translating into English alone, because some Chinese quotes have small or large stories without which, all the beauty and meaning of the phrase are lost in the non-obviousness or imaginary simplicity of the images. Those who are well known to the Chinese culture will easily render sense from these words, but for others, we tried to render those quotes as close to our culture as possible. Plus, some quotes we provided with our comments.

  • You can buy a house, but not a hearth, a bed, but not a dream, buy a watch, but not time, buy a book, but not knowledge, buy a position, but not respect, pay for a doctor, but not for health, buy a soul, but not life, buy sex, but not love.
  • Only a real human being can love and hate.
  • Find an occupation that you love, and you will never have to work again. (This one is not about love in particular, but we have included it because it is great advice for life in general)
  • For some reason, when both your wife and your lover love you. You feel not as a God, but a resident of both Heaven and Hell.
  • Love that survives the parting is rewarded with eternity.
  • In fact, dying for the sake of a loved one is not difficult. It’s much harder to live a life for this person.
  • Only those who have a warm heart can experience infinite happiness and eternal love.
  • Just ask for love, and it will take away the superfluous and give what it lacks.

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  • Duty without love does not please. Truth without love makes a person critical. Parenting without love gives rise to contradictions. Order without love makes a person petty. Knowledge without love makes a person always right. Possession without love makes a person stingy. Faith without love makes a man a fanatic. Woe to those who are stingy with love. Why live, if not to love?
  • The one who is brave, but not knowing love, who is generous, but not knowing frugality, who goes forward, without knowing humility, will perish.
  • Love is not about possession, but respect.
  • Ambition and pride are deceptive excitement of the spirit. The true properties of love appear when this excitement is appeased.
  • If you love the house, then you must love the raven on its roof too. (This one is rather tricky, it means that you should love someone on only for his or her positive traits, but for its negative ones.)
  • If you want to find the heart of another person, then never abandon him or her.
  • It is impossible to find the ideal person, just as it is impossible to find 100% pure gold.

As you can see, Chinese wisdom never gets old. But why would it? During the whole history of humankind, love was the most powerful force that people used for the people and against the people. We are sure that after reading this article, you have a couple of matters to think about. Remember, the horse’s strength is recognized by the far road, and the human heart is known by time. Give your love, and you will be loved.


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